Red Line

Every prosperous metropolitan area needs a functioning, connected system of rapid transit. Roads, beltways, and the occasional bus are never enough for a thriving local economy, and none of these modes can ever successfully bring the benefits of economic development into urban neighborhoods.

When the Governor cancelled the Red Line, he cancelled 10,000 jobs and over $1 billion worth of investment, the benefits of which would have been reaped right here in our communities. We need to build the Red Line so business districts and neighborhoods are finally linked together and so Baltimoreans can access well-paying jobs no matter where they live in the city. 

Highway toll relief doesn't grow the local economy. Rapid transit does.


The BaltimoreLink program is just another name for budget cuts. Like highway toll relief, the link is just a publicity stunt that gives the Governor cover to to send taxpayer money to the suburbs where he can garner more votes. It is almost unheard of that a city's transit system rest in the hands of a Republican governor who lives a county away. We need to #RethinkTheLink, reinstate Baltimore's bus system, and hand over control of Baltimore's mass transit to Baltimore residents. 

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