School closures are wrong for Baltimore

The Baltimore City school board’s decision late yesterday to shutter five schools, including two in our district, is both regrettable and unnecessary. At a time when our city faces widespread poverty, violence, and the continued flight of residents to suburban counties, the last thing we should do is close schools. Now is the time to maintain local schools as the centerpieces of our communities.

This decision does nothing to serve the children and families who rely on their neighborhood school every day. In our district alone, the loss of Rognel Heights Elementary/Middle School and Knowledge and Success Academy (KASA) risks disrupting families and upending established school communities.

I applaud the efforts of the tireless parents and school activists who fought against the closure of Rognel Heights, KASA, and all schools named in the board’s decision. Their efforts are not in vain, and their continued involvement will bring greater justice and
accountability to our school system.

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