Mount Washington agrees: healthcare costs too much

This week, we were out in Mount Washington asking people if their healthcare costs too much. Not surprisingly, plenty of people thought so.

We need a system of universal healthcare in this country. Right now, we pay more than any other country in the world for our healthcare on a per-person basis. But you'd never know that looking at our outcomes. We are ravaged by chronic diseases, like heart disease, diabetes, and the two o's: obesity and opioids. 

There's no reason we can't do better, and no reason why we can't spearhead the movement for universal healthcare right here in Maryland, in a city that needs coverage so critically: Baltimore. We have the passion, the energy, and the resources. Now we need the right people in office. As a Delegate for the 41st, I will be one of those officials. You have my word.

I'm here working for you, and every day I'm thankful for your support.


- Dr. Bruno

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