Justice Framework

"The antidote to poverty is not wealth.
It’s justice."

-Dr. Richard Bruno, M.D.
Bloomberg Politics, May 6, 2015


Health Justice


All of us deserve quality healthcare, no matter our job title or the balance of our checking account. That's why our campaign stands for Medicare for All, affordable prescription drugs, and easy access to preventive care and nutrition.


Social Justice


Our city cannot rise to its potential until we build up the pillars of our communities. Our students need fully funded public schools. Our families have the right to clean, safe, inclusionary housing. And to protect us all from corruption, we must have comprehensive campaign finance reform.


Economic Justice


Our most vulnerable neighborhoods are in crisis. So long as economic insecurity hangs over our city, each and every one of our communities is in peril. With fair wages, sustainable investing, and an end to predatory lending, we can secure a strong, peaceful future for us all.


Racial Justice & Equality


Baltimore is a beautifully diverse city. By standing for racial justice, women's rights, LGBTQ rights, immigrant rights, and disability rights, we can unveil the greatest strengths of our city and make Baltimore the national leader it was always meant to be.


Legal Justice


It's no secret that double standards reign supreme in our city and our country. While people in power abuse their positions and betray the public trust, vulnerable citizens in dire need of help are penalized mercilessly. Now more than ever, we need serious criminal justice reform and true financial protection for the people, not just bankruptcy protection for corporations.


Environmental Justice


Now and in the years to come, we face unprecedented challenges. Already, too many of our citizens live in food deserts. As the climate continues to change, the most devastating impacts will hit communities that are already vulnerable. For the health and safety of us all, we must have a plan for climate change mitigation, access to healthy food, and the protection of our communities and natural habitats

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