Cleaning up after the storm

So many folks without power and many dealing with fallen trees - like Ms Cynthia, whose car was crushed last night when a tree fell in front of her house.

Yesterday's storm was one of the worst this city has seen in years. It didn't bring heavy snow, ice, or floods, but the winds caused as much damage and power outages as any since 2012. Today, it's time to take care of one another, so we're out making sure people have water and food. 

At times like this, we need to remember the importance of community, of friends and neighbors. Power outages, collisions, and falling limbs don't care what neighborhood we live in or what school we went to. Money can't buy us food or water if our street is cut off or the local store is closed. It takes people to see us through these times.

As we check in on neighbors today, we're seeing the strength of our neighborhoods and the quality of our friendships. The national news may tell a story of a violent and decaying Baltimore. Here in our district, we're seeing something different altogether: a city of strong neighborhoods where we care for one another. This is the city we know and the place we call home.

Today it's as clear as ever. Together, we can care for our neighbors. Together, we can heal Baltimore.






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