Dr. Bruno in the Baltimore Sun: It's Time Opioid Makers Pay

This week, I published a piece in the Baltimore Sun that addresses our city and our nation's drug crisis. What's clear is that opioid makers and distributors created this crisis and they need to pay to clean up their own mess. With money from settlements and court awards, we then need to implement a plan to treat, heal, and prevent opioid dependency. We have such a plan. From the article: 

"Twenty years ago, four major U.S. tobacco companies paid $206 billion for misleading the American public about the dangers of smoking under the Tobacco Master Settlement Agreement of 1998. As tobacco companies have had to help pay for the cancer, emphysema, and other public health crises they helped cause by aggressively marketing dangerous products, it is now time for opioid manufacturers to pay their fair share for contributing to the opioid pandemic in our country."

Continue reading at the Baltimore Sun.

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