Community members react to Baltimore's frozen schools

Tonight's BCPS Board Meeting saw a massive turnout by concerned parents and community members from across Baltimore. Citizens shared their stories through testimony to the Board, speaking to the decrepit and unacceptable conditions of our city's schools.

Outside the meeting, Team Bruno had the chance to speak with one of the event's promoters, PTO member and community activist, Joseph Kane.

Well-known Baltimore community activist Kim Truehart gave one of the most riveting and impassioned testimonies at tonight's meeting, declaring unequivocally that Annapolis needed to return to Baltimore City Public Schools the roughly $65 million in school funding for city schools taken back by the state.

Team Bruno was fortunate enough to speak with Ms. Truehart outside the building.

The thing is, Baltimore is dependent on the state for a large portion of its educational budget. It is a poorer jurisdiction. But neither of these things is due to the city or its government, despite what many would have us believe.

Baltimore has lost nearly half of its population - and therefore its tax base - to the suburbs . When city schools need state funds, its's only to balance out the loss of tax base to nearby counties. 

Baltimore isn't asking for handouts; it's asking for it's children to have the same minimum standards of decency as any other children in Maryland. 

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