The 41st

Our district. Our home.

The 41st forms the north, northwest, and west of Baltimore City. Like much of our beautiful city, the 41st is rich in culture, food, architecture, and of course, warm, inviting people.

If you live in the 41st, you know its time that our delegation in Annapolis to reflect the honesty, integrity, and character of all us who live here. 

Are you one of our neighbors here in the district? Find out here!

Just enter your address in the boxes, then hit 'search'. When the next page loads, you will see where to vote, so take a second and write that down. Then, under 'Polling Place Address and Directions', click 'My Voting Districts'. If you see that your Legislative District is 41, then you're in luck. We're neighbors!



Can't wait to vote? Busy on JUNE 26?

Check out early voting and skip the lines.


Out of town this summer or don't want to head to the polls? Request an absentee ballot and vote absentee.

You don't need a reason for absentee voting, you just need to make sure you request your ballot!


Don't forget, this is a Primary Election.

Under Maryland law, you need to register as a Democrat to vote for Dr. Richard Bruno, M.D. in the 41st.


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