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    Community members react to Baltimore's frozen schools

    Tonight's BCPS Board Meeting saw a massive turnout by concerned parents and community members from across Baltimore. Citizens shared their stories through testimony to the Board, speaking to the decrepit and unacceptable conditions of our city's schools.

    Outside the meeting, Team Bruno had the chance to speak with one of the event's promoters, PTO member and community activist, Joseph Kane.

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  • Doing better for Baltimore's children

    This evening, Baltimore came together to declare that no child in our city should be forced to attend school in the winter with no heat. As a father of two children in Baltimore City Public Schools, I am personally invested in making sure all of our children have a safe and warm place to go to school.

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  • Bring Baltimore's children out of the cold

    As arctic winds chill the East Coast and something meteorologists are calling a “bomb cyclone” threatens Baltimore with even more treacherous winter weather, students are shivering in public schools with broken or insufficient heating. Despite single-digit temperatures and accounts of students huddling at their desks in cocoons of coats and multiple blankets, only a handful of city schools were closed today.

    Nearly eight hours ago now, the Baltimore Teachers Union urged the city to close all schools until officials could “get a handle on heating problems”, according to the Sun. That was 1:30PM. Since then, no reply from the city has been reported, and as of this writing, schools are slated to be opened tomorrow morning.

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  • Running for all of District 41

    District 41 is full of amazing, unique neighborhoods, and each deserves the attention of its elected officials in Annapolis. That's why this New Year's Eve, we headed to Sabina Mattfeldt to meet with citizens who feel that the small size of their neighborhood means they aren't being listened to.

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  • School closures are wrong for Baltimore

    The Baltimore City school board’s decision late yesterday to shutter five schools, including two in our district, is both regrettable and unnecessary. At a time when our city faces widespread poverty, violence, and the continued flight of residents to suburban counties, the last thing we should do is close schools. Now is the time to maintain local schools as the centerpieces of our communities.

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